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All Saints Hightown


All Saints Church, Hightown

Lumley Street
West Yorkshire

WF10 5JU


A Brief History


The Church of All Saints, Hightown began life in 1862 with the publication of a small leaflet.

The leaflet contained reference to the Spiritual destitution of the Township of Whitwood, which induced the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford to give up the Great Tithes amounting to £240 per year; this was then to be used to pay for two Priests to work in the Parish.

The area was rapidly expanding and industry growing, necessitating the need for more workers, this fact was not lost on the Church of England and so began the appeal to raise money to erect a new church.

The Reverend Edward Maule Cole, the newly appointed incumbent of the Parish then went about the task of raising funds for the erection of a new church building.  The estimated cost of the building was £1,500 and through the donation of land from The Earl of Mexborough, and the kindness of Mrs Heywood and T D Bland the site for the church was acquired.

By the end of January 1864 over £1,200 had been raised, with notable gifts being given by:

The Earl of Mexborough, £200 plus the land.

Whitwood Colliery, £40

The Reverend Dr Pusey, £25

T D Bland, £50

Incorporated Church Building Society, £200

Diocesan Church Building Society, £64

A Jessop, £21

The Church was built in 1864 and dedicated on 2nd December the same year.

The normal routine of services at All Saints, Hightown is as follows:


Sunday (except last Sunday in the month)          11.00am   Sung Mass

On the last Sunday in each month we have a Parish Mass which is held at 10.00am at one of the churches in the parish. Please see our Calendar for details.


Monday to Thursday (alternate weeks)                  9.00am    Morning Prayer


Wednesday                                                             7.00pm    Low Mass (said)


For up to date details of our service times please see our Calendar of events: