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St Paul the Apostle Glasshoughton




St Paul the Apostle

Pontefract Road
West Yorkshire

WF10 4BL

Brief Historical Notes

Building on the church started in 1900 and the foundation stone of the new Church was laid by Mrs Bland of Kippax Park, on a site given by Mr JD Bland “in the Name of the Holy Trinity”. It was completed in time for it to be consecrated by the Bishop of Beverley on 25th January 1902.  At the time St Paul’s was a daughter church of Castleford Parish and the first priest-in-charge was Rev. JW Pickup.

Development continued and in 1913 the foundation stone of the Institute was laid by the Bishop of Beverley on a site prepared by voluntary labour. At that time Rev Dr Maclagan was the priest-in-charge at St Paul’s.

In 1921 Rev Tom Longworth MA was appointed priest-in-charge. In 1923 a new Parish of St Paul Glass Houghton was formed by Order in Council. Rev Longworth became the first Vicar. It is worth noting that Rev Longworth was consecrated Bishop of Pontefract in 1939 and was translated to Hereford in 1949. He retired from that See on 15th November 1961.

In 1927 Rev F O Outhwaite began his long and faithful service as Vicar which ended on his death 12th December 1953. In 1930 part of the parish was detached on the formation of the new parish of Airedale.

The first major change to St Paul’s took place in 1933 when the nave and baptistery were completed and consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Wakefield Rt Rev J B Seaton.

In 1954 Rev W Musgrave BA was instituted as the third Vicar.

In the late 16980’s there was a re-ordering of the church and the choir stalls were removed and replaced with an open plan sanctuary with a stone altar at the centre. The re-ordered church was consecrated by Bishop David Hope.

Between then and the time that St Paul’s joined the Castleford Team Parish the following served at the church:-

Fr Terry King

Fr John Vickerman

Fr David Curry

Fr Geoff Driver was inducted as Vicar of St Paul's on 25th January 1991

Fr Michael Webb assisted by Fr Alan Norkett came after Fr Driver. During the tenure of Fr Webb the Parish was joined to the Team Parish.

In 2001 the church was re-ordered again and the Font was moved and the stone altar that had been in the middle of the Sanctuary was moved to the then Lady Chapel in the north aisle. The current Lady Chapel is in the old choir vestry.

After Fr Webb left Fr Stan Bindoff was appointed Team Rector followed in 2008 by Fr Michael Wood. In 2017 Fr James Milnes was appointed Team Rector and he is the current incumbent.

The normal routine of services at St Paul the Apostle, Glasshoughton is as follows:-


Sunday (except last Sunday in the month)          10.45am   Solemn Mass (Sung)

On the last Sunday in the month there is a Parish Mass at 10.00am at on eof hte churches in the parish. Please see the Calendar for details:


Monday to Thursday (alternate weeks)                   9.00am    Morning Prayer


Wednesday                                                            10.00am    Low Mass (Said)


For up to date details of our service times please see our Calendar of events:


                   Some photopgraphs of St Paul's over the years