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Acts 435 – What is it?

Acts 435 is the Archbishop of York’s online giving charity that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help. It recognises that people want to give, often a little, sometimes more, to people with genuine need.  It puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need, with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.  Of particular appeal to donors, 100% of what is donated to Acts 435 goes directly to those in need.

“Acts 435 is a fantastic initiative ...   It is a very simple idea but a very exciting one!  I am proud that the Church is taking practical steps to help those facing practical difficulties.”

Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

Acts 435 works through a four step process:

  1. Person in need applies to the local church for help
  2. Local church receives and verifies the request
  3. Request for help is posted on the Acts 435 website
  4. Donor chooses from a list of requests and makes a payment via a secure system online.

Facts and Figures

  • Acts 435 was launched in July 2010 and is fully ecumenical
  • In March 2015, its 5000th request was granted
  • Over £500,000 has gone directly to those individuals in need
  • Acts 435 operates in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but is always looking for more churches to get involved, and spread the network of Acts 435 advocates who can reach out to those in need.

The Stories from Beneficiaries

No longer homeless

Kim who has a very difficult family background has been living on the streets of Hastings for many years. She recently lodged at the home of a man who then died and she faced being on the streets again. ACTS 435 has produced the deposit to enable her to take over the flat tenancy. Kim said that she is so grateful. This is the first time in many years that she has a place of her own and is not either homeless or sofa surfing. She feels like her life has been transformed.

Change in Appearance and Wellbeing

M received £40 for electricity - the church advocate visited him a couple of times over Christmas and he still finds it unbelievable that people who didn't know him wanted to give money to ease his burden. He is so grateful for the help he has received and the generosity of Acts 435 donors has made life so much better for him and his young son. 

The advocate wrote to the donors who gave to M's request: "What a difference a warm house and food makes to their appearance and well being! I wish you could see them!! They have certainly seen God's love in action!"

See the website – www.acts435.org.uk - for more success stories.  A small gift can make a big difference.

Participating in Acts 435 – why churches should not delay

It is quick and simple for a church to get involved with Acts 435.  Once local leadership has approved the scheme, the appointed advocate (church volunteer) can be trained and operational in less than a week.

People in the UK are struggling financially thanks to low income, zero hours contracts, redundancies, benefits sanctions, and ill health up and down the country.  The church has an opportunity, to step up and show God’s love in action to those struggling in the local community.

To get involved, contact Jennifer Herrera at admin@acts435.co.uk or 01904 707021

To contact the Advocate for Acts 435 in the Castleford Team Parish

Call Andrew Goyns on 01977 529929 Ext. 15