Banns of Marriage


The Calling of Banns is a very old practice and is the process of formally making it known that a couple is to be married and gives people the opportunity to make an objection, but it must be a legal objection. Banns must be called in the church where you are to marry and in the church of the parish where you live, this means you could possibly have them read in three places.


If you are to be married in one of our churches this will happen automatically, usually for three Sundays in the month before you are to be married.


If you are to be married in another parish but live in Castleford please telephone Fr. James on 01977 529929 Ext. 1  at least eight weeks before your wedding day, this means they can be read for three Sundays in the month prior to the wedding. After the banns have been read you need to arrange to collect a certificate to pass on to the person who will be conducting the wedding.

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