All Saints, Castleford


All Saints, Castleford


Church Street


West Yorkshire

WF10 1ES

A Brief History


The first mention of Castleford Parish Church is in surviving sources between 1178 and 1184 when Henry ll confirms the grant by Henry de Lacy to the hospital of St Lazarus in Jerusalem, linking the town with the exotic and expressionist age of the Crusades. The benefaction failed to take place and the patronage remained with Lacy successors  Some 200 years later it was restored by John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster around 1370. Another restoration took place between 1866 and 1868, the cost being met by public subscription and what was to be the last Church Rate levied on the district.


The normal routine of Services at All Saints, Castleford is as follows:-


Sunday                                                                            8.00am   Said Mass


                                                                                        9.30am   Solemn Mass (Sung)


Monday to Thursday                                                       5.30pm    Evening Prayer


Tuesday                                                                          7.00pm    Low Mass (Said)


Saturday                                                                         9.30am    Mass of our Lady on Saturday


For up to date details of our service times please see our Calendar of events.

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