Coming to Church for the First Time


The main act of worship for the people of the Castleford Team takes place on Sunday morning.


Here in the Castleford Team we know and recognise that it can be difficult to start coming to church. However as a Christian community we also know that church is the place where you will find fulfilment and meaning to life.


One of the first things to remember, if you decide to come, is that you will be coming to worship God and to pray and this is exactly what everyone else is also here to do. In recognising that we are all here for the same purpose we begin to realise that no one will be checking up on you or taking notes about what you do or don't do. In the first instance we suggest that you attend the Church nearest your home. See Our Churches page  We also suggest that you come along to the Sunday Mass. Mass times very across the team so you should be able to find a time which fits well with your normal routine. The reason we suggest that you come along on Sunday is simply because if you come to a mid week Mass you will be part of a smaller congregation so you may well feel a little more self-conscious. However please feel free to attend any of our services across the team, you will always be welcome. Castleford Team Parish Services.


When you arrive at your chosen church someone will greet you at the door and give you a Mass booklet, a hymn book, and the weekly pew sheet. Please feel free to sit anywhere in the church. If you are unfamiliar with the service please sit nearer the back. Don’t worry about sitting and standing at the wrong times the best thing is to watch and take your cue from what those around you do. You may notice certain gestures which people make, the sign of the cross for instance. The sign of the cross  tracing a cross across your body by touching your forehead, abdomen, left shoulder and right shoulder with your right hand is traditionally made at the beginning and end of Mass, usually accompanied with the words 'in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit'. You don’t have to make these gestures until you are happy and comfortable in the church environment, and even then they are not compulsory.


Children are very welcome at all our services, and there are toys and a play area in all of our churches.  However, if your children don’t want to play and just want to crawl or wander around let them.  We are relaxed about children in our churches and we want them and indeed you to feel at home.


The Mass booklet is fairly easy to follow, and anyone in church will be very happy to help or guide you. Please see our information about “The Mass”.

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