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A day of heritage celebration at Castleford Parish Church on Sunday 9th September service began with a service led by The Reverend Professor Peter Galloway, Her Majesty’s Chaplain at the Savoy.  During the service Peter dedicated a Patron’s Seat to mark over 700 years of patronage of the Church from the Duchy of Lancaster.


The service was also attended by Stuart Sylvester, the Great Grandson of former Rector William T M Sylvester. The Reverend Sylvester was instrumental in initiating the rebuilding of the Church 150 years ago and a leading social reformer in Castleford at the time of the Industrial Revolution.


The day concluded with Bishop Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield, officiating at the licensing of the newly appointed Team Vicar for Castleford Team Parish. This appointment of a Team Vicar is unique in that Father Gregory Ruszczynski is of Polish origin and clearly demonstrates that the ministry of the church in Castleford is open to all in the community.


On the weekend of 15th and 16th September, to coincide with Heritage Open Days, the Parish Church will be open for visitors to take self guided tours of the Church and see an exhibition setting out the history of the Church from its 11th century origins to present day, key figures in its history and its relationship to the town.


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