1269 Thomas Bek
Henry de Lacy
Henry de Milegh Thomas, Earl of Lancaster
1332 John de Penesey Queen Izabella
1341 William de Exon Queen Izabella
1353 John de Kynemersford
Henry, Duke of Lancaster
John de Ledecombe John, Duke of Lancasterr
1379 Henry Hales John, Duke of Lancaster
1398 William Wooderove John, Duke of Lancaster
1398 Thomas Langley
John, Duke of Lancaster
Galfrid de Middleton John, Duke of Lancaster
1403 Edmund Lacy Henry lV
1403 John Pentys Henry lV
1408 John Petelet
Henry lV
Walter Power Henry V
1435 John Awty Henry Vl
1435 Henry Senior Henry Vl
1436 Thomas Hamibal
Henry Vl
William Osgodby Henry Vl
1486 John Spicer Henry Vll
1502 Nicholas Morley Henry Vll
1505 Christian Fisher
Henry Vll
Peter Bollent Henry Vll
1523 William Atkinson Henry Vlll
1537 Francis Mallet Henry Vlll
1569 William Harrison
Queen Elizabeth l
Thomas Bradley (whose incumbancy was interupted by the war-time ministry of Puritan 'useroer' Henry Moorhouose) Charles l
1663 Peter Birkbeck Charles ll
1673 William Bridges Snr Charles ll
1696 William Bridges Jnr
William lll
John Foss George ll
1753 Robert Deane George ll
1784 John Rowe George lll
1803 Theophilus Barnes
George lll
1855 William Thoas Mainwaring Sylvester Queen Victoria
1888 Jospeh Simpson Queen Victoria
1892 Robert Gardner-Smith
Queen Victoria
William Hewett George V
1925 John Eastwood George V
1930 Ralph Wilson George V
1935 James Grey
George V
Joseph Butterworth George Vl
1957 Stephen Fell Queen Elizabeth ll
1983 Edward Gee Queen Elizabeth ll
1992 Trevor Hicks
Queen Elizabeth ll
Michael Webb Queen Elizabeth ll
2003 Stan Bindoff Queen Elizabeth ll
2008 Michael Frank Wood Queen Elizabeth ll
2017 James Clark Milnes
Queen Elizabeth ll